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Why should I purchase a BRT?

A: Because over the last 30 years, the BRT has proven to out perform any and all automatic transmissions!! Not only does the BRT have patented features unique only to Bruno’s Automotive, it has a history of dependability that today remains unmatched. Just ask one of our best sales people…Our Customers, what they think of their BRT. Year in and Year out, BRT’s bring home National Event wins, World championships and National records, take a look at our customers page and see for yourself. If you make serious Horsepower you need “the serious automatic transmission,” THE BRT!

Will my existing gearbox work with a BRT
A: If you have a Liberty, B&J, Jeffco, Lenco or G-Force, the answer is yes! Other companies will force you to buy an entirely new gearbox if you want to go the converter driven route. Not only does the BRT have features and benefits the others can’t match, but costs half the price when you use your existing gearbox!
In case of an engine failure can I "neutral" the car?

A: Yes, With the planetary applications, there’s a sprag that allows the unit to free wheel once the transmission is taken out of high gear. In doing so you take the load off of the motor allowing the rear tires to free-wheel. We recommend (but don’t demand) “neutralling” your car at the end of each run, to eliminate unnecessary stress on the engine in the shutdown area. For “clutchless” applications, the car is effectively “neutralled” by merely moving the shifter to the “Neutral” position.

How do you shift the transmission?
A: The transmission is very easy to operate. The transbrake is used like a clutch pedal, to stop the input shaft and allow the driver to select a forward or reverse gear. You leave the starting line with the transbrake button as you would with a conventional automatic. Down track shifting can be done manually or with air and even hands-free with electronic RPM chips. It all depends on personal preference and sanctioning body specifications.
Are the fluids in the BRT and gearbox the same?
A: NO, the fluids in the BRT and gearbox are kept separate. The purpose is to eliminate contamination from one section to the other. If you were to hurt a converter, the contaminated fluid won’t hurt the planetary gears or clutchpack in the gearbox (or visa versa), which is exactly what happens in conventional automatics. The BRT requires automatic type transmission fluid. We now sell our own blend of Performance transmission fluid that has shown considerable improvements over traditional transmission fluids. The gearbox you select gets the fluid appropriate for your application. The result is less wear and tear on internal components and a longer lasting more durable transmission.
Why an air operated transbrake?

A: The BRT utilizes an air operated transbrake for two reasons;

1. It has a quicker release time (4 milliseconds) than hydraulic transbrakes found in remanufactured high-end powerglides.

2. It’s more consistent than a hydraulic brake. With hydraulic applications, when fluid temperature varies, release time varies. With air, release time isn’t affected by heat.

3. It also allows the end user to manipulate converter pressures without having adverse affects on holding power and/or converter failure. Try doing that with a conventional hydraulic brake and the end result is a burnt up clutch pack!

NOTE: The air-operated transbrake is an exclusive feature patented and perfected by Bruno’s Automotive Products. A key element that distinguishes the BRT from the others.

Can I still use my powerglide converter?
A: Yes, the BRT was originally designed for racers that have outgrown powerglides. With two different grades of input shaft (Vasco & Marage) available with standard Turbo 400 spline, we’ve tried to make the transition to our product as smooth as possible, both financially and functionally. Don’t worry, if you’ve found that “right” converter for your motor/car combo, you don’t have to start all over again. We also offer a 11/4″ size (marage) input shaft for maximum horsepower applications. The special 11/4″ input shaft requires the use of a special size torque converter available from most mainstream converter companies.
What does the BRT Converter Drive actually do?
A: The BRT Converter drive essentially takes the place of the clutch. It mates a torque converter to a manual transmission (planetary or clutchless) converting it to an automatic. Quite simply the BRT Converter Drive gives you the best of both worlds; the consistency of an automatic & the durability of a high-end, purpose built, manual transmission without the maintenance and guesswork of a clutch.
Can you adjust converter pressure?
A: Yes, The BRT is the ONLY unit of its kind that allows you to fine tune your converter to get the optimum performance out of your combination. It can be easily adjusted with the turn of a set screw located on the outside of the unit. An optional dual stage pressure valve can also be purchased to change pressure settings during the course of a run, something found very advantageous in many turbo-charged applications. A low pressure setting at the starting line allows drivers to build boost, while a higher pressure setting is applied after launch to allow for converter “lockup” downtrack.