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BRT Converter Drive

The BRT Converter Drive was invented, race track proven & perfected in late 1989 by Bruno’s Automotive. In Feb 1992 the US patent office awarded the BRT Converter Drive US Patent #5090528 for its unique innovative design. The BRT revolutionized the industry by giving racers a safe, consistent, yet reliable alternative to the conventional automatic transmission. While routinely harnessing in upwards of 4,000 HP, the BRT allows racers to consistently manipulate less than ideal racetracks with “Zero” between round maintenance. Take a moment to look at some of the BRT’s Patented features and you’ll see why the BRT Converter Drive is the only unit of its kind to be race track proven with World Records, Championships and National Event Wins!

Ask the competition how often their “knockoff” unit has to come out and be serviced, I bet you’ll be surprised to find out that its every run!

Also be sure to ask them if you can service their T400 at the track or does it have to go back to the manufacturer, because failures never occur at a good time.

Now available– Lockup option

Our in-house lockup design utilizes hydraulic pressure to achieve actual 1:1 lockup. You can order new units with the lockup option or convert your existing unit.

Now available – Dual Stage Pressure Assembly for turbocharged power plants that allows for ease of “Spool up”!

For General questions regarding the BRT Converter Drive check the FAQ page

Optional Magnesium case – $350

Retrofit your existing unit to Magnesium case – Call for pricing

BRT w/ 1″ Marage Input Shaft – $4300

BRT w/ 1.25″ Marage Input Shaft – $4600

BRT w/ 1.25″ Marage Input and Lockup option – $6200

Dual Pressure Assembly – $675

Bruno's Performance Transmission Fluid

This Synthetic ATF is designed specifically for use in high-horsepower automatic transmissions. With a higher viscosity than conventional transmission fluids and no slipperiness additives, you can expect greater torque converter efficiency, faster shifts and enhanced protection at high temperatures. Extensive in-house testing has also shown less wear on pump gears, bands and clutch packs and a noticeable increase in transmission performance.

Bruno’s Performance Transmission Fluid – $35 per gallon

Aluminum Fabricated Deep Pan


  • 4.5 quart extra capacity over stock cast pan
  • rubber “o” ring eliminates need for paper gaskets

Aluminum Fabricated Deep Pan – $410.00

Electronic Shifters

Convert your two or three-speed air-shifted Lenco to a Bruno’s “hands free” electric shift. The system comes complete with wiring harness, air-electric slide valve(s), MSD activator box(s) (for standard ignition or magneto) toggle switch(s) to manually override system and a mounting plate on rubber mounts. Just place an MSD RPM chip in each activator box for each gear shift. Easy to install and easier to operate. Keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the track while getting precise, consistent shifts every time.

3-speed electric shifter for Lenco – $675.00

2-speed electric shifter for Lenco – $350.00


Available in sizes L, XL & XXL